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    Digging Deep into the Word of Truth

    THEOS INSTITUTE is an online platform for sharing personal insights into God’s holy Word and as a way to apply the writings of Mrs. Ellen G. White (Spirit of Prophecy – Testimony of Jesus) to various bible topics. Theos Institute does not claim to be an authority on God’s Word or the Ellen G. White writings. The goal is simply to seek for God’s guidance and His blessing. Come and discover priceless treasure in the infinite mine of truth. A plain “it is written” and “thus saith the LORD” is much more important than anything any fallen human being could say regarding God’s revealed truth. The amazing and loving truth, as it has been revealed to us in Jesus Christ our Saviour, is open to all. Blessings to all who love and obey the Great Creator and His beloved, only-begotten Son. May the Spirit of the living God fill your hearts with gratitude and truest love for others.

    Theos Institute

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    Disclaimer: Theos Institute is not directly affiliated with any church, denomination, or other organization. The above listed domain simply directs you to this website, where, by God’s grace, Scripture and Ellen G. White studies are shared freely with others. Feel free to contact Theos Institute using the Contact page.

    This outreach ministry is not a part of, nor is it endorsed by, any official organization, religious or otherwise. The creator of this website is not affiliated with any religious organization.